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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Go Solar

At this time, South Carolina offers an incentive of 25% off the total cost of a solar energy system. The Federal Government is also offering a tax credit of 30% off; this equals 55% savings from your total cost when you include the Federal credit!

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Even if solar panels aren’t in your immediate plans it makes sense to make your renovation or new construction “solar ready.” Making your home solar ready involves placing all of the rooftop and wiring infrastructures in place during the planning and construction stages of a project so that a future solar power system can be installed quickly and more easily.

Planning in advance will result in a better looking solar power system that costs less to install when you are ready to take the solar plunge. By planning ahead and implementing these strategies you will be prepared to install a great looking and well planned solar energy system on your new home when the time is right.

Investing in a solar panel system allows you to freeze the price you pay for the electricity it generates, thereby insulating your family from a potentially volatile energy future. Contact SunPower by South Coast Solar to learn more today.

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