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“South Coast Solar was the number one company I selected because of its longevity in the solar business and its reputation for quality service. I have not been disappointed!”

SunPower® Solar Panels Are the Best Choice for Southern Climates

There is a reason SunPower® is the #1 choice of American home and business customers. We offer superior technology, guaranteed performance, and the most rigorous testing in the industry. SunPower® solar panels will produce more electricity per watt than competitors and they do it in a smaller footprint, allowing you more space for system expansion.

Solar Panel ratings are measured in watts and kilowatts however these lab-test ratings do not tell the whole story. High heat and humidity negatively impact the performance of solar. SunPower® is the world’s best solar performer in these conditions, the exact conditions that South Carolina sees nearly every day! A smaller SunPower® solar system can even outperform a larger conventional system over its lifetime thanks to the extra power produced under these conditions.

When you choose SunPower® you are choosing the peace of mind that comes from an industry leading warranty backed by one of the largest companies on Earth.

Outperforming the Competition Every Day

Independent tests around the world have confirmed the SunPower® advantage. SunPower® wins all performance contests, sets world records, and consistently outperforms in all other tests and standards. Those looking to invest in the very best solar technology need not wait. You can put the world's best solar on your home or business and own the peace of mind that comes from choosing the same world record efficiency and superior performance and reliability that powers more utility and commercial scale solar applications.

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