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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Go Solar

At this time, South Carolina offers an incentive of 25% off the total cost of a solar energy system. The Federal Government is also offering a tax credit of 30% off; this equals 55% savings from your total cost when you include the Federal credit!

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“South Coast Solar was the number one company I selected because of its longevity in the solar business and its reputation for quality service. I have not been disappointed!”

Protect Your Home or Office Building
from a Power Outage

Avoid the inconvenience of losing power during an outage caused by weather or other problem. With a backup generator installed by our skilled and highly trained specialists at SunPower by South Coast Solar, you can be confident that your home or commercial building will be protected and powered all day, every day.

Our Columbia solar panel installation experts place a very strong emphasis on using the best products and installation practices, which results in long-lasting systems that are a viable energy choice for society. Call now to schedule a free cost estimate for your home or building's generator.

To purchase and install a backup generator, call SunPower by South Coast Solar today at (803) 626-0552.

Add a little sunshine to your day.

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