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Solar Installation on
Government Property in South Carolina

Solar energy allows local, city, and state government to save money while being committed to protecting the environment for the future. When municipal properties go green, everyone wins, and a cost-effective solar unit provides a number of benefits. Solar panels can be installed in parking lots, providing shade to cars while you generate electricity, on roofs, or even as a technological focal point to your property.

Are you interested in installing solar on your government property? SunPower by South Coast Solar serves clients throughout the state. Contact our South Carolina solar panel installation experts today!

  • Significant energy savings passed on to taxpayers
  • Generate clean energy that is protected from increased cost
  • Efficient solar units that keep critical systems online during emergencies
  • 10 year power production guarantee

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Serving Clients Since 2007

“South Coast Solar was the number one company I selected because of its longitivity in the solar business and its reputation for quality service. I have not been disappointed!”

The Energy Market Is Volatile,
Solar Costs Are Stable

A solar unit installed by South Coast Solar protects you against the rising costs of traditional energy, which is expected to keep rising in the future. Solar panel installation is a stable, cost-effective alternative to safeguard municipal and government properties from market volatility.

The savings are then passed onto taxpayers and can be used in other areas, therefore ensuring that your budget is not spent on excess energy costs.

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South Coast Solar’s Government & Municipal Projects

From housing to city service, public spaces, and military bases, our solar panel installation company has worked with agencies and local and state governments in South Carolina to install, maintain, and repair green photovoltaic solar units.

A few of our completed projects include:

  • Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH): 124.1KW photovoltaic rooftop system comprised of 447 Suniva 300 watt BAA compliant panels. Over 25 years, the system is estimated to generate 3,839,620 kWh with an anticipated savings of $611,260.00.
  • East Baton Rouge Architectural Services: 91.61 KW photovoltaic rooftop system comprised of a combination of (x165) UniSolar 144 W this film solar modules and (x212) SunPower 320 watt solar modules. The system is estimated to produce about 2,991,210 kWh over 25 years.

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