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Highly recommend! Scott Oman and his team were outstanding to work with. Scott was very knowledgeable and provided me with multiple options to best meet my family’s needs and get the HOA’s approval. His installers were professional and got everything installed and running within a few days of the HOA approval. I highly recommend South Coast Solar to anybody looking for a high quality, competitively priced solar system.

Lew D., Residential Solar Client

You just can’t go wrong with these guys. Scott was excellent and even offered to come demo the units to our HOA if needed for approval. The process from start to finish was explained very thoroughly and the install team was excellent. Can’t wait to stop paying my electric bill...

Andy Jones, My Business

Great, quick, and friendly service to get my system back up and running full strength after a squirrel chewed through a couple cables. The rodent barrier they installed was reasonably priced and should keep any future pests away. I highly recommend South Coast Solar!

Joel H.

After getting quotes from 5 different solar installers I ended up selecting South Coast Solar. It wasn’t just because they were the most competitively priced but because they came up with the best technical solution for my complicated setup. Scott answered all my emails and didn’t complain after a dozen revisions to my quote.

Jared H.

Totally satisfied with the customer service, professionalism and technical knowledge of Scott Oman and his team from South Coast Solar. Highly recommend them for your solar project.

Richard G.

I have been using South Coast Solar and their Chief Technical Officer Scott Oman for designing, installing, maintaining and upgrading the solar array at my residential property in SE Louisiana since 2009. Scott is extremely knowledgeable and has always been able to make some highly technical issues very understandable to me. The installation that Scott did for me has functioned virtually trouble free since December 2009.
I have recommended/referred Scott and South Coast Solar to several friends who have successfully used them to install solar arrays on their properties.

Lew D., Your Content Goes Here

South Coast solar and Max Erenberg continue to give top notch service and display there exceptional technical knowledge of the solar systems they sell and service. They installed my solar system in 2015 and still today in 2018 they are more than willing to help me out if I have an issue or need technical assistance as I did this week with the monitoring side of my system. Thanks again.

Donald D.

I have had my solar panels since 2009 and I love them. I haven’t had a minutes’ problem with the solar panels themselves. In the past month I have lost communication with SunPower which just means that I don’t get a complete written report at the end of the month. Max Erenberg at South Coast Solar has been very helpful in working to solve this problem.There were three months this year when I produced more energy than I used. I have a two story house and my largest bill this year was in July and that was for $86.46.

Barbara S.

I have always been impressed at how professional and attentive to the customer that South Coast Solar is. When there were problems in the installation, They came out within days and I had a check for the un-generated power in 3 days. This time, when I was getting an error message ,they responded the next day and were able to get the needed parts to correct the problem a couple days quicker than I had been told it would take. Max Erenberg worked with me to get the repairs done faster than I would have expected and helped me get my system back to like new. I have recommended South Coast Solar to several people and will continue to do so.

Louis P.

Great experience overall. Had some bumps in the road, but Max and the team have totally redeemed my trust for the company.

Kevin H.