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    Since our founding, SunPower by South Coast Solar has grown to be one of the largest design-build contractors in the Southeast.

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SunPower by South Coast Solar was founded in 2007 by innovators who are committed to offering the best products, best services, and best results available in the solar industry. Customers come to our company because they have a certain expectation: they want to be treated fairly and honestly, and they want access to the best possible solar panels that offer the best savings. Our company’s name is synonymous with quality and our loyal customers continue to choose us because of our unyielding commitment to excellent customer service and top-notch workmanship. SunPower by South Coast Solar is a Master Dealer for SunPower and have been trained to the manufacturer's highest standards. We custom design our systems for your home to help you gain energy independence for the future.

Our entire team is dedicated to helping our customers experience the greatest energy value by installing the best solar panel systems on the market. We help our customers – homeowners, businesses, and government entities – experience a peace of mind because they are saving more money, and making a proactive choice to protect the future of the environment. We want our customers to understand the benefits of solar through our educational evaluation process so we can help shape their energy future. Energy is not getting any cheaper and our personal consumption is growing faster each year as we become more dependent on electricity. Solar power allows homeowners the energy Independence in order to hedge against future utility increase and lock in a rate for years to come.

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Solar FAQ's

  • Can my home, business, or industrial building support a solar panel system?

    You may be concerned with the size of your roof, or you may assume that more complex buildings may pose more installation difficulty. We can actually take the time to come out and visit you and assess your property to determine which solar panel solution best suits your building. We can help you determine if a roof-mounted system or a ground mounted array better suits your property space.

  • How much will going solar cost?

    Perhaps the most common questions we receive have to do with finances and costs. When it comes down to it, however, the cost of going solar will differ on a case by case basis many reasons. The cost of installing a solar panel system will depend on size of building, and even energy usage. Additionally, we take into account your building’s location and access to direct sunlight, which could also impact the overall performance or efficiency of your solar panels.

  • Will there be a return on investment?

    Becoming energy efficient can be a significant investment, but one that is well worthwhile. We get the job done right and use the industry’s most efficient solar panels so you can begin experiencing a positive ROI in as little time as possible. Depending on your monthly energy usage, you could end up cutting your monthly energy costs in half – or eliminating monthly bills entirely!

  • Do you offer financing options?

    Absolutely. We are committed to connecting our customers with the best possible financing options for their solar investment. We provide a single unified credit application to ease the process. The application will be reviewed by our internal financing team and matched with the best possible lending partner.

  • What are the benefits of going solar?

    The most obvious benefit involves making a positive change for the future of the environment. Choosing a sustainable energy source can reduce your carbon footprint and ease the burden on the global ecology. More directly and on a more personal level, however, going solar could qualify you for state and federal tax incentives. Weaning yourself off of power from the electricity grid can end up saving you more money and time in the long run!

  • What makes SunPower by South Coast Solar different from other local solar panel installation companies?

    As leaders in the renewable energy movement, we strongly believe that honesty, integrity, and quality are the keys to our success. Our team of expert installers have been licensed, trained, and qualified according to the highest standards and best practices, which has led to consistent service and unsurpassed installation results. We carry and install the best solar panels available in the industry – SunPower panels. Additionally, we offer competitive warranties, energy savings, custom designs, and expert installations.

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