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South Coast Solar has been installing solar energy systems since our beginning in 2007. We are a proud SunPower Master Dealer offering homeowners the best solar panels available. The technology behind SunPower® home solar is unique—and better—than conventional panels. Designed in the USA, our systems make more electricity from every ray of sunshine and stand stronger against severe weather conditions. Our solar panels outperform the competition while looking great thanks to a sleek, sophisticated design. You’ll get more power, more durability, and more compliments than any other system available today.

As one of the world’s most innovative and sustainable energy companies, SunPower provides complete solar solutions and services. Residential customers, businesses, governments, schools and utilities around the globe rely on SunPower’s more than 30 years of proven experience. From the first flip of the switch, SunPower delivers maximum value and superb performance throughout the long life of every solar system. For more information about how SunPower is changing the way our world is powered, check out our solar installation portfolio or visit

Game-Changing Solar for your Home

Now you can power your home with the same record-setting technology technology selected to power the Solar Impulse aircraft and Planet Solar Global Circumnavigation

  • Maxeon Gen5 solar cells are manufactured on a solid copper foundation, resulting in the most durable, efficient, and longest-lasting solar cells available.
  • SunPower is an American technology leader and the only solar manufacturer excluded from Chinese anti-dumping tariffs.
  • Sleek Invisimount leakproof racking system looks great on your roof.
  • The most advanced microinverter technology available maximizes energy harvest.
  • Track your savings and energy yield through PC and smartphone apps.
  • Backed by the #1 warranty in the solar business!

SunPower Equinox™ #1 Choice of American Homeowners

Equinox from SunPower is the World’s first all in one solar panel system for your home. Every component is intelligently designed and guaranteed by the most comprehensive warranty in the solar business.

  • Built with Maxeon solar cells which are designed to withstand the harsh conditions that cause other solar panels to fail.
  • Every component is designed and backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the solar business.
  • Maximize the return on your solar investment with Equinox’s third party verified 40 year life cycle.


Conventional Home Solar

  • Built with panels and components from multiple brands and confusion about warranty coverage and compatibility with fire and building code standards.
  • Requires more solar panels which means solar panels on more visible roof areas, more attachment point, and conduit running across your rooftop.
  • More utility boxes cluttering up the walls of your home
  • Warranties that are difficult or impossible to enforce
conventional solar panels

SunPower EquinoxTM

  • All-in-one solution with every component backed by solar’s only complete system warranty.
  • Generate more power from every ray of sunlight using less roof area, allowing more flexibility in design and more space for future expansion.
  • Reduce or eliminate hardware and utility enclosure on your homes exterior.
  • The longest-lasting solar panel available, backed by independent tests.
conventional solar panels
sunpower 25-year warranty infographic

The Best Warranty in the Solar Industry

A better warranty starts with a superior product. SunPower protects you against power loss, materials, and workmanship,  along with the 100% of repair or replacement costs. No other solar warranty can match that kind of consumer protection.

The same third-party test verification and robust construction that enables SunPower to provide the best warranty in solar also ensures that your panel won’t lose more than 8% of its original power output over 25 years. Compare that to 19% for conventional solar.

Note: 10-year product warranty term for monitoring hardware.