How Much Does It Cost to “Go Solar”

Do your research on the cost of Solar Panels and their benefits and save thousands!

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How much does it cost to “Go Solar”?

“How much will it cost to power your home with solar panels?” This is the #1 most frequently asked question to our Solar Consultants. The answer is not the same for everyone. Every home is different. Not only in construction and energy efficiency, but also in the habits of the people that live there. The ultimate cost of solar panels for your home depends on you doing your homework to find an experienced installer offering quality equipment and a solid warranty.

“Why can’t you just tell me how much it will cost right away” While we can easily provide a quote to install solar panels on your roof without context it will be difficult to understand how that investment will help you. Different utilities have different rates and policies relating to how they treat solar energy systems. Some may offer full “net-metering” which allows you to get full retail value for energy you generate and feed into the grid, other may offer a fraction of that value.

By providing us some basic information we can put together a comprehensive proposal customized for your home.

To make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision on your solar investment we use advanced modelling software to show you not only how much a system will cost and what incentives are available, how much energy your system will generate, and how it will effect your utility bill.

Our Solar Consultants are ready to provide honest and accurate answers to your questions about solar panels. To provide the most accurate proposal possible we will request:

  • 12 months of electric bills
  • Whether you plan to increase or decrease your electric power use in the future?
  • Do you plan to pay cash or finance your solar investment?
  • Where would you prefer to have your solar panels mounted?

Once you have seen the amazing opportunity that generating your own electricity with solar panels provides we handle everything. permits, applications, fees, and of course installation, inspections, and utility connections.

How does this whole solar thing work?

The underlying technology of making electricity from the Sun is pretty simple. Solar Panels are built from individual solar “cells” sliced from lab grown silicon crystals. Silicon, by the way, is the second most abundant material on Earth. Each cell is treated with very small amounts of other elements that create a few extra electrons inside the cell. When sunlight strikes the cells it causes electrons to move and presto! Electricity!

Multiple cells are grouped together the Solar Panels that you are seeing on rooftops more and more often.  Solar Panels generate Direct Current (DC) energy as opposed to Alternating Current (AC) like we use daily but with the help of some electronics this energy is converted into a form compatible with our appliances, computers, and the rest of the utility grid.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

  • Reduce and stabilize your electric bill.

  • Increase the value of your home and sell more quickly when you move.*

  • Reduce the impact of your electricity usage on the environment.

  • Turn your tax liability into a valuable home improvement.

  • Turn your electric bill into a market-beating investment!

What to look for when Choosing a Solar Panel Installation Company

Do your homework on the products you are buying.

Research the Manufacturer as well as the Installer
Is the entire system made and warrantied by a single manufacturer, or is the Installer piecing together different components with different warranty lengths and terms? Have you checked the installers online reviews and/or asked for references?

Performance Guarantees
Is the manufacturer and installer willing to provide a guarantee on performance of the system? If not you should question the promises they are making.

Length of warranty is important but also make sure to do your research and read the fine print on who covers what and how claims are handled in the event there is an issue with your system.

Want more info on what factors determine the cost installing solar? Check out this SunPower blog article about estimating the cost of solar panels.

Research your Solar Panel Installer

Make sure your solar installer has years of experience and a solid track record. Solar may look easy but it’s the little shortcuts that less experienced companies take that cause problems and unnecessary maintenance expenses down the road.

A well thought out design improves aesthetics and maximizes energy yields. Just because an installer says a certain number of panels will fit on your roof doesn’t mean it’s the most intelligent design.

Licensing and Insurance
Ask your potential installer for proof of worker’s comp, general liability, and proper trade licensing. Without it you could end up liable if an accident happens on your property.

SunPower by South Coast Solar has been installing solar panels for over 12 years. Learn more about our team.

Just say NO to high pressure Sales Tactics!

Make sure you know what you are buying before you sign the dotted line.
There are great deals on quality solar products for those willing to take their time and do some research. There are also sellers who will happily sell you a small low-quality system along with big promises.

Don’t get pushed around by high-pressure sales tactics.
There is no need to let yourself be pushed around and bullied to make a decision on the spot. If someone is pressuring you to sign a contract right away or offering a huge discount to do so then you can bet that they were probably way overpriced in the first place!

If you signed a contract but have second thoughts you can cancel your contract with 3 days.
State law provides you the right to cancel your contract within 3 days of signing. If you discover after the fact that you may have signed a bad deal cancel it right away. There is no reason to get stuck paying for that mistake for years to come.

What Incentives are available to help offset the Cost of Solar?

In addition to the 30% Federal Tax Credit for solar energy installation there may additional incentives available from your state and certain localities and utilities. Click on your home state below for details on the solar incentives available to you.