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A Proven Track Record in Louisiana Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance Market for 13 Years

SunPower by South Coast Solar has been serving clients in Louisiana since 2007. Our mission is to provide the World’s best solar panels to Louisiana residents. Our solar solutions provide quality and value that generate reliable long-term savings.
We were the first SunPower dealer in Louisiana back in 2007. Today, SunPower by South Coast Solar is one of only 32 Master Dealers nationwide.
Our solar solutions represent the very best quality and value in the industry. SunPower is Americas #1 most chosen solar panel. Give us a call and find out why.
Our team has powerful experience with solar energy. We are proud of the fact that we have built many high-profile solar projects in Louisiana. Our list of clients includes Entergy, University of Louisiana, Abita Brewery, and more. We have also powered some of Louisiana treasured landmarks. Notable projects include NOLA City Park, Falstaff Brewery, and Chalmette Battlefield.

The Louisiana state tax credit has expired but solar energy is still a smart choice. Prices and solar installation costs have dropped, making solar as affordable as ever. There are also still some great solar incentives and grants available. The DSIRE incentive database lists more programs that may be useful.

Check out some of our projects and reviews below. If you are curious about the current cost of solar and how much you can save request a free solar quote.

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